Self-Paced with Support: The Hybrid Advantage

FLCC’s hybrid courses blend the convenience of online learning with the support of in-seat classroom interaction. Since a significant portion of the coursework is completed online, the amount of classroom seat time is reduced.

Hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds - in-person interaction with faculty and fellow students, and the flexibility of learning online at your own pace.

Why Hybrid?

If you are a busy student with a demanding schedule, hybrid courses are a great option. Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom time with online instruction. The flexible, self-paced nature of online learning lets you manage your time and coursework in a way that works best for you.

The in-seat classroom component means a greater level of support and interaction with faculty and students. Being on campus - even at a reduced schedule - lets you participate in other aspects of campus life, including student organizations, clubs, teams, and events.

Hybrid courses work best for students who:

  • Have busy schedules and would find it more convenient to spend less time on campus and more time managing their studies from home.
  • Prefer to have some personal contact with faculty and fellow students, rather than engaging in a fully online course.
  • Are interested in transitioning to fully online courses and are seeking an extra level of support.

Keys to Success in Hybrid Courses

To be successful in hybrid courses, you should be a motivated student and have good organizational and time management skills. Because in-class is limited, attendance is important. Be sure to take advantage of your time on campus to communicate with instructors and peers.

Selecting Hybrid Courses

To register for hybrid courses, simply look for a "Y" designation in the section name and title in the course schedule.

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