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Academic Interests

Connect with peers who share your passion for a particular subject. Academic interest clubs offer fellowship, co-curricular opportunities, and study groups for students taking courses together.

American Sign Language (ASL) club increases FLCC student awareness and knowledge about the language of ASL and the deaf community. We provide a safe, judgment-free environment where club members can ask questions and practice ASL. Club meetings are also a place to find peer support and to encourage each other throughout the college experience. While the club is associated with our American Sign Language program, our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive club for all that attend.

Most recently, ASL club hosted a deaf awareness discussion with two Deaf panelists and two ASL program alumni volunteering as interpreters. In past years, ASL club members have traveled to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and attended local deaf events at the National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID), which shares a campus with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Audio Engineering Society is an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists, and students worldwide. The organization promotes the audio engineering industry and advances the field by disseminating new knowledge and research. The Audio Engineering Society is primarily intended for students in the Music Recording Technology program since many of its activities require specialized knowledge acquired through their studies.

Past activities include attending industry conferences and performing sound engineering for campus events.

Cannabis Studies Professionals offers opportunities to learn more about the emerging cannabis industry and considering how it can make a positive impact on the local community. The club connects students in our Cannabis Biology and Cultivation program to a network of industry professionals who can assist students in developing licensed cannabis businesses in the region and preparing for a career in the field.

Recent activities include participating in the Cannabis Business Incubator Symposium held on campus.

Engineering and Technology club provides opportunities for students to get involved with thought-provoking technical projects outside the classroom to enhance their learning experience. The club's main goal is to provide an environment for the student to have fun with engineering without the constraints of a classroom curriculum. In the process, club members learn about the real-world applications of engineering and practice technology skills that broaden student knowledge and expertise regarding technical projects.

Recent activities include:

  • Designing and building robotic vehicles
  • Taking field trips to local manufacturing facilities and technical labs
  • Attending engineering symposiums, events, and lectures

Note: The Engineering and Technology club is primarily intended for students in the Engineering Science, Architectural Technology, and Smart Systems Technologies programs that are based at Victor Campus Center, but it is also open to any FLCC student interested in engineering, technology, and related scientific fields.

Health Care Studies club welcomes any student interested in the healthcare field. Many club members already work in healthcare, and the club provides an opportunity to share opinions, values, and experiences about the industry. The club meets about once a month — with snacks, pizza, and drinks. Club members chat, laugh, and share stories about life as a Heath Care Studies student while building community and assisting one another in their studies.

Recent events include touring the new nursing labs, working with tutors from the science incubator, and preparing for the TEAS exam.

Horticulture club enhances the beauty of the FLCC campus by planting and maintaining landscape areas and provides co-curricular opportunities for Horticulture students. The club promotes environmentally friendly practices on campus through a variety of local initiatives. Students have the opportunity to be members of the American Horticulture Society.

Recent activities include the spring plant sale, a salve making event, and creating a pollinating garden in the FLCC Arboretum.

Human Services club is devoted to the professional development of students interested in this field of study. The club works with our Human Services program and the local community to enrich civic life in Canandaigua and assist those in need.

Past activities include creating blessing bags for community members and partnering with the College Experience program through The Arc Ontario.

Nursing club organizes community activities, supports local healthcare initiatives, and participates in departmental decision-making. The club gives Nursing students — and those interested in nursing — an opportunity to connect with one another while promoting professional fellowship and high standards in nursing.

Past activities include adopting a family for the holidays, donating to the Ronald McDonald House, coordinating the Nursing student graduation ceremony, and planning social events.

Programming club helps students learn the basics of python programming. The club generates excitement about the power of programming and creates a sense of community for those interested in coding. Students work together on introductory and moderate programming projects and discuss concepts that can help them become more fluent in various programming languages. This club serves as an excellent supplement for computer science, game design, and cybersecurity students, but welcomes all students interested in the subject.

Club activities include hosting programming competitions, creating group projects, providing support to students who need help on coding assignments, and attending an annual field trip to the ROC on Tech conference in Rochester.

Psych club provides opportunities for students to connect with each other and share common experiences like coping with college stress, practicing self-reflection, and developing one's identity. Club members discuss trauma and its outcomes, explore issues of diversity and equity, and complete self-awareness exercises to identify personal strengths. This club is an excellent supplement to our Psychology program, but welcomes all students interested in the subject.

The club also plans community service projects — such as clothing drives — and campus events including a walking meditation on Laker Day.

Viticulture club promotes the regional wine industry in a variety of ways and is open to any student who wishes to learn more about the wine and grape industry. The club encourages students in our Viticulture and Wine Technology program to engage with the professional viticulture community and provides opportunities to network with some of the 130+ wineries located in the region.

Past activities include attending regional wine industry conferences and hosting a bottling day event.

The Wildlife Society provides opportunities to better understand our living natural resources and the environment. Students can become members of The Wildlife Society international association. This club serves as an excellent supplement for Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Technology, and Natural Resources Conversation students, but welcomes anyone interested in the subject.

Past activities include bird walks, campus clean-ups, and guest presentations.

Social Interests

Get involved with these opportunities to socialize while engaging in some of your favorite hobbies.

Chess club helps students learn the rules of chess and improve their strategy by competing against other students. Club members play casually against other students and have opportunities to compete in formal tournaments. Chess club also strives to provide opportunities to compete against other schools, clubs, and local institutions. FLCC provides game boards, chess clocks, and other game resources, but students are welcome to bring their own as well.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventurer's club brings people together using imagination, creativity, leadership, and teamwork to reach a common goal. D&D is a popular tabletop roleplaying game set in a world of swords and sorcery where players becomes characters who advance a story together through dialogue, decision-making, and dice rolls. All D&D players are welcome, whether you are a veteran of the game or just curious about trying it for the first time.

Fencing club introduces students to the sport of fencing and provides opportunities to practice with other students while engaging in some healthy competition.

Recent activities include hosting tournaments in different fencing disciplines.

Strikerz club is for bowling enthusiasts who want to better understand the sport, improve their form, and have fun. The club meets regularly at Roseland Bowl, the local bowling alley in Canandaigua.

Lifting club focuses on fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. Lifting club is a judgment-free community that welcomes students with any level of fitness knowledge or expertise — from beginner to advanced. The club's goal is to assist students in setting personal goals and achieving them, whether they are fitness and nutrition related or not.

Club activities include group fitness, making motivational bracelets, and learning about nutrition.

This club is a place where Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players can come together to compete, trade cards, and exchange information about this popular trading card game.

Recent activities include hosting drafts and tournaments.

Arts and Culture

Meet fellow students who appreciate visual and performing arts and connect with others who wish to improve their creative talents.

This club gives students a chance to express their ideas through art, practice their craft, and explore creative works with a community of artists.

Recent activities include marbling paper, creating book bindings, making buttons, and taking an annual trip to NYC with Theatre club.

Dead Poets Society is a place where students who are drawn to poetry and other forms of imaginative expression can socialize with fellow creative individuals. The club welcomes students from all disciplines and is home to writers and fine arts students as well as mathematicians and American Sign Language students.

The club hosts literary film nights, produces its own 'zine, manages an Instagram account, and organizes public readings. Dead Poets Society also collaborates with the Creative Writing program to bring events to campus, such as the Laker Day Visiting Writers series and the Albert Abonado and Peter Conners Laker Day Readings.

Theatre club promotes the performance arts on campus and in the broader community.

Past activities include attending performances at local theatres, hosting karaoke nights, and taking an annual trip to NYC with Art club.

Community and Identity

Connect with others who share common experiences. Identity-based clubs and organizations ensure that everyone feels welcome and included in campus life.

AALANA (African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American) is our multicultural student organization. This organization ensures that students who identify as AALANA feel connected and represented on campus while learning more about their cultures and histories. Club members have opportunities to share their traditions and values with the larger student body.

Recent activities include hosting open discussions, planning cultural celebrations, and organizing open mic nights.

Active Minds advocates for better mental health resources and combats the stigma associated with mental health challenges. The organization aims to create a compassionate community of support and hope on campus. It is a campus chapter affiliated with the national Active Minds nonprofit.

Recent activities include positive affirmation giveaways, guest speakers, and attending the Active Minds National Conference.

Prism is our LGBTQ+ club on campus, designed to celebrate diversity and individuality. Prism provides a safe and positive environment for students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

Prism hosts events that inform the community about diverse gender identities and sexual orientations — including signature events such as a drag show and Prism Prom.

Student Veterans Organization (FLCC-SVO) raises awareness and understanding of veterans' issues on campus and in the local community. The organization assists veterans in making successful transitions from military to college life by creating a social and professional support network, educating veterans on their benefits, and providing a welcoming atmosphere. FLCC-SVO connects veterans and military families with local services, resources, support, and advocacy needed for student success before, during, and after enrollment at FLCC to improve the conditions and support for student veterans.

FLCC-SVO participates in Veterans Week events, organizes a Blue Star Mother raffle, and holds weekly gatherings to create a sense of community among veterans and their families.

Honor Societies

Honor societies are a valuable part of the college experience. These communities recognize and promote academic excellence. By joining an honor society, you'll develop leadership skills, meet other students, and network with professionals in your field of interest.

Alpha Beta Gamma (ABG) is an international business honor society established in 1970 to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students in business programs. ABG provides leadership opportunities and other resources to help students achieve academic excellence.

Membership in Alpha Beta Gamma is open to students meeting the requirements (at least a 3.0 GPA and 12 earned credits) and following a course of study leading to a business-oriented career.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an internationally recognized honor society that has been promoting scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship for over 100 years. PTK recognizes the academic achievement of college students and provides opportunities for its members to grow as both scholars and leaders.

Learn more about FLCC's Alpha Epsilon Chi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Athletics, Intramurals, & Recreation

FLCC has several varsity athletics teams, intramural sports, and recreation opportunities for you to enjoy. Support the Lakers by attending an event, watching an Esports live stream, or joining a team. All students have access to the gym, fitness center, and nature trails.

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