Learning Framework

The Parthenon

Students develop both academically and professionally in college. Our Learning Framework helps guide the educational experience for students. It provides a foundation for college curriculum and assessment decisions to meet the learning needs of students.

The Structure

FLCC's Learning Framework assists FLCC educators to create and assess academic programs and curriculum that preserve the unique student learning experience, while meeting the academic requirements that are set by SUNY, The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and the New York State Department of Education.

The Learning Framework represents FLCC's values (Vitality, Inquiry, Perseverance and Interconnectedness). It's these values that make the student experience unique.

The Components

SUNY and The Middle States Commission on Higher Education both require all students to learn certain skills upon completion of their FLCC experience. These skills are represented as the beams of the Learning Framework's structure. The Columns, which support the roof, build on SUNY and Middle States requirements by adding general education competencies. The steps to the building connect the students' daily campus learning experiences to the Learning Framework. To better explain each aspect of the Learning Framework, the College has a graphic organizer available that details each section.

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FLCC Values

FLCC's learning values measure and record the growth and development process of students. Learning values form the pinnacle of FLCC's learning framework.

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Assessment at FLCC

Assessment empowers the FLCC community to participate in a process of continuous improvement with a focus on an improved student experience and improved student learning both in and out of the classroom.

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