Assessment at FLCC

Assessment is the process of using tools, evidence, and metrics to measure progress toward a desired outcome. It empowers the FLCC community to participate in a process of continuous improvement with a focus on an improved student experience both in and out of the classroom. Within academic assessment, the College's transfer programs and applied degrees participate in an ongoing program review process, which allows faculty to consistently improve student learning.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

FLCC's outcomes assessment is designed to provide evidence on the results of the College's academic offerings. It covers information on whether or not FLCC's programs offer the most relevant curricular content, and determines if students are learning what the College wants them to learn.

Whether students are engaged in a program designed to prepare them for transfer opportunities, or they are involved with a program that prepares them for the job market, assessment at FLCC is an ongoing part of teaching and learning that is at the center of the College's mission. It helps develop the mission, goals, and outcomes in each program to promote and showcase the College's teaching excellence to all FLCC stakeholders, both on-campus and off-campus.

FLCC Values

FLCC's learning values measure and record the growth and development process of students. Learning values form the pinnacle of FLCC's learning framework.

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Learning Framework

FLCC's Learning Framework is the structure that supports the College's learning values.

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Assessment at FLCC

Assessment Coaches

FLCC has a peer-to-peer coaching model available, which helps educators assess and innovate program curriculum and institutional practices.

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