Register for Spring Classes begin January 24, 2022

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Your future is within reach. Whatever your career plans are, you'll get one step closer to reaching your goals this spring at FLCC. Take a class or two, explore your interests, or earn a degree or certificate. Then, begin your career or continue your studies at a four-year school. Regardless of the path you choose to follow, FLCC will prepare you for achieving your goals.

Registration and Payment Options

At FLCC, you can register for classes at the Canandaigua main campus or by appointment at the Victor, Geneva or Newark campus centers*. For any questions you may have, you'll be able to rely on FLCC's One Stop specialists for help.

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Students who are not seeking a degree or financial aid should follow the non-degree seeking student registration process.

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Current/Rematriculated Students

Priority registration opens November 8, 2021 for current students who were enrolled at FLCC for the Fall 2021 semester.

Registration deadline is January 21, 2022. Please follow the current student registration process.

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* Please note that only credit card payments are accepted at campus center locations. Main campus accepts cash, checks and credit card payments.

Spring Semester 2022

Current student registration begins on November 8, 2021

Non-degree seeking new student registration begins on November 15, 2021

Application deadline is 4 PM on January 14, 2022

Registration deadline is noon on January 21, 2022

Classes begin on January 24, 2022

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