Community Standards and Counseling

The Office of Community Standards and Counseling at FLCC encourages students to meet the highest standards of conduct possible, and it provides support and guidance to the entire College community through its counseling services.

Community Standards

FLCC promotes a safe and positive learning environment in and out of the classroom. All students attending the College accept individual responsibilities and are held accountable through FLCC's community standards. At FLCC, you'll have access to resources and forms that fall under community standards, which include:

Counseling Services

Many students seek help while in college. Counseling is available on a one-to-one basis for students who wish to discuss personal issues affecting their academic experience. Counselors are available to serve as confidential skilled listeners who provide guidance to help students on a short term basis to clarify issues, resolve conflicts, and learn new ways of coping.

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Community Standards and Counseling
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