Scholarships are considered "gift aid", because they are free money... financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid. Students can receive scholarships from a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons. FLCC students are encouraged to apply for FLCC Foundation scholarships as well as outside scholarships.

FLCC Foundation Scholarships

Finger Lakes Community College offers institution based scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for.

See FLCC Foundation Scholarships

Excelsior Scholarship & NYS Part-time Scholarship

The Excelsior Scholarship provides tuition awards to eligible students attending New York State's public colleges and universities. This scholarship, in combination with other student financial aid programs, allows students to attend a SUNY college tuition-free.

The New York State Part-time Scholarship (PTS) Award Program provides tuition awards to students attending a SUNY or CUNY community college who are enrolled in at least 6 but less than 12 credits each term.

View our New York State Aid Page

Outside scholarships

Federal regulations require FLCC to take into account all aid resources when determining your eligibility for financial aid. Therefore, you must report all scholarships and grants that you receive from sources other than Finger Lakes Community College.

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