Academic Advising

An FLCC student meeting with an academic advisor to schedule courses.

Whether you are a new or current student at FLCC, our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and career goals. As you pursue your education, you will be part of an Academic Success Network, which enables faculty and staff to work together to help you succeed.

Academic Success Network

Your Academic Success Network includes a professional academic advisor and a faculty academic advisor. If you are a member of a specialized population (such as a student-athlete), you may have an additional academic advisor. Whatever your aspirations are at FLCC, your network is designed to provide you with support and guidance throughout your studies.

Professional Academic Advisors

Your professional academic advisors are located in the Academic Advising, Career and Transfer Services Office. Whether you need assistance with identifying your goals, navigating registration and course selection, or exploring transfer opportunities, our advisors are here to assist you.

Our Professional Academic Advisors Team

Faculty Academic Advisors

As you pursue your courses, our faculty academic advisors are available and ready to support you throughout your education. They will discuss program specific transfer and career options with you, and they will prepare you for opportunities after FLCC. Our faculty academic advisors will also help you identify your short and long-term academic, professional, and personal learning goals.

Specialized Program/Cohort Advisors

If you are a student in a specialized program, cohort, or group, our specialized academic advisors are here to provide you with additional support. These advisors support athletes, online learners, the Educational Opportunity Program, veterans, and any student who takes most or all of their classes at any one of our campus centers.

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Walk-In Hours
Mon-Thu: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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Extended walk-in hours the two weeks before and after the start of the semester. Extended hours during registration as well.