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Women's Initiative on Leadership (W.I.L.) Women's Initiative on Leadership

The W.I.L. program at FLCC was born out of the recognized need for more leadership development opportunities for women on and off campus. Industry leaders have advocated and statistical information has shown that it is when women gather together, share stories, mentor, and have a safe space to be able question and develop, that they're able to grasp an understanding of their full potential. It is all about encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can't do to what we can do.

The generous support of the Office of Student Life, the Student Corporation, Finger Lakes Community College & Foundation, Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce, and the Canandaigua ATHENA Leadership Award recipients and nominees help make the W.I.L. program happen.

On-Campus Women's Initiative on Leadership

The W.I.L. program is a 6-week, themed, on-campus personal leadership development program. Topics include: confidence and self-esteem, limitations, group dynamics, art of leadership, overcoming adversity, and taking risks.

Each semester, the program includes an overnight trip off-campus that allows the group to grow together and delve deeper into the topics covered. This series will offer students practical skills they can apply in their daily lives while in college and beyond into the workforce. Upon completion, each of the students who successfully fulfills the requirements will receive a certificate.

The W.I.L. program is free to any student registered at FLCC. All are welcome!

Warrior Series

Online Warrior Series

The Warrior Series is designed for all students who are unable to attend our on-campus W.I.L. program, as well as any on-campus W.I.L. graduate who wants to continue to learn more. It is a 6-module online personal leadership development program that is available via your Blackboard account. Topics include: vulnerability, shame, authenticity, empathy, happiness, and a call to action.

Similar to our on-campus program, this series offers additional practical skills for use in all aspects of students' lives. Students will also receive a certificate of completion after all requirements of each module have been met.

On-Campus Warrior Series

We're excited to be able to bring back on-campus sessions! We're adapting our Warrior Series content to meet the needs of our students in-person. This will be a 4-week personal leadership development program. Just like our Women's Initiative on Leadership program and online Warrior Series, these sessions will offer students practical skills that you can apply in your daily lives while in college and beyond. Students who attend all 4 sessions will receive a certificate of completion.

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