New Student Orientation Program

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Our interactive orientation program helps you complete the necessary steps to become a successful FLCC student.

Get Connected Right from the Start

Welcome home to Finger Lakes Community College! New Student Orientation is an excellent opportunity to explore valuable resources, meet other students in your area of study, and connect with faculty and staff. You'll learn vital information and prepare for those first few days of class.

Step 1: Complete Your Online Orientation

We designed online orientation to give you a positive start to your first semester. Online orientation takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete and consists of seven modules with a short quiz at the end of each. You can work on it when it's convenient for you by stopping and saving your work along the way.

During orientation you'll learn about:

  • Support Services — take advantage of campus services and resources, including academic support, tutoring, disability services, and more.
  • Student Life — get involved in student life, campus clubs and organizations, and athletics and recreation.
  • Campus Safety — meet the campus police and learn about how we keep our college community safe.
  • Policies — review our academic and student code of conduct policies, learn how to search our college catalog, and access our academic calendar for important dates.
  • Academics — discover your Academic Success Network, course options, how to communicate with faculty, and how to add/drop a class.
  • Next Steps — wrap up with key takeaways to get you started on the right foot at FLCC.

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Step 2: Attend an Orientation Event

Details for Fall 2024 orientation events coming soon.

Extended Orientation

Extended orientation is an optional opportunity for incoming students to fast-track their academic success, create genuine connections on campus, and become a pro at all things FLCC. The goal is to help make the transition to college life and the Finger Lakes region as smooth as possible.

  • We offer the extended orientation program at the beginning of each semester. It lasts for up to six weeks.
  • All interested students can participate in extended orientation. It is particularly beneficial for underrepresented students and students of diverse backgrounds and identities. This includes students who identify as LGBTQ+, women, African American, Veteran, Asian, disabled, or Native American, as well as those who are not from the Finger Lakes region.
  • The program provides access to programming designed to foster community, build college success skill sets, and enrich the college experience.

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Questions about Orientation?

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Jennie Erdle-Krampen, Director of Student Life, or Andrea Brown, Assistant Director of Student Life at


Preparing to Attend FLCC

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Plan a successful transfer to FLCC.

Fall Semester 2024

Application deadline is 4 PM on August 23, 2024

Registration deadline is noon on August 30, 2024

Classes begin on September 3, 2024

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