Instrumentation & Control Technologies Certificate

The Outlook

Opportunities await you in the growing advanced manufacturing industry. As the demand remains high for positions in this industry, possessing the technical skills that translate to advanced manufacturing gives you an edge when seeking employment. FLCC's Instrumentation and Control Technologies certificate program provides you the technical skills and education that will enhance your opportunities in high technology.

The Program

FLCC's Instrumentation and Control Technologies certificate program addresses workplace demands for individuals who possess the knowledge and skill areas in data acquisition, automation, mechatronics, and control systems. This program centers on preparing adaptable workers to fill job openings across a wide spectrum of high-tech industries. Some of these industries include automation control, electronics manufacturing, food processing, nanotechnology, and renewable energy.

The Faculty

The Instrumentation and Control Technologies program is directed by Dr. Sam Samanta. Learn about the Instrumentation and Control Technologies faculty.