Presentation Guidelines

Choosing the right career path involves researching occupations, finding out what type of education is required to land a desired position, and planning and preparing for the future. At FLCC, our Pathways Speakers Program provides schools in our service area with presentations from experts that are knowledgeable in a variety of career fields.

Presentation Overview

In almost any profession, it is common for students to have unrealistic expectations about workplace requirements, or they may not be considering college as an option. In these 30 to 45-minute presentations, our guest speakers will provide insight into their occupations and discuss the important lessons they have learned along the way.

What to expect from Pathways Speakers

In each presentation provided by our guest speakers, they will:

  • Provide a glimpse of their career
  • Share personal stories about their educational and career journey
  • Describe a typical workday
  • Describe their occupation, education, background, and training
  • Discuss parts of their job they like best and least
  • Model professionalism and career-ready skills
  • Discuss future outlook for occupational areas
  • Share general salary range, including entry-level wages
  • Discuss benefits other than salary and discuss education and training needed for jobs in their subject area and career paths available
  • Show examples of their work and engage students by using images, artifacts, and hands-on activities

Student Learning

All students who attend any one of our program sessions will:

  • Participate in career exploration activities
  • Be briefed and prepared for your visit
  • Be familiar with the topic of discussion
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions

Interested in Becoming a Speaker?

Are you a current or former FLCC employee and would like to share your career path with students? If so, you can become a pathways speaker and help inspire students to explore different career and educational opportunities.

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