HyFlex Learning

At FLCC, we recognize your need for flexible and convenient scheduling – including courses that help you balance work and life priorities with your goal of earning an education. Our HyFlex program and course offerings provide the ultimate in flexibility, and let you choose when and how you attend class.

How Do HyFlex Courses Work?

Students can choose to attend class in-person, watch online in real-time, or watch the recorded lecture on their own time. For each class meeting, you choose how to participate. For example:

  • You could go to your first class on campus, and then attend the next class from home.
  • You could watch a live stream from the convenience of home or a coffee shop, and then catch the recorded version of the next class on a quiet weekend morning.

HyFlex courses blend the best of both worlds – in-person interaction with faculty and students, and the convenience of learning online at your own pace when you need it.

Choose how you learn day-by-day, In-Person, Real-time - Online in real-time - Watch later, any time.

Searching for HyFlex Courses

View the available HyFlex course schedule by accessing MyFLCC.

Course sections can be sorted by subject, term, and days of week.

Students in the following programs benefit from our HyFlex model of instruction — choosing when and how to attend class throughout the entire program. Students have the flexibility within their schedule to work full- or part-time within their industry, all while learning in the classroom. By the time students graduate, many have experience in their field, have secured a future employer, or are ready to pursue an advanced degree — all made possible by HyFlex coursework.

Networking and Cybersecurity

Our Networking and Cybersecurity program follows a practical approach to learning that puts course concepts into action. Students have access to a state-of-the-art networking lab, which prepares them to lead strategies that prevent and fight cybersecurity attacks. As the world is demanding quicker and easier access to online information, FLCC students are on the forefront of designing, maintaining and securing networks ethically and efficiently.

Learn more about our A.A.S. in Networking and Cybersecurity.

Smart Systems Technologies

Our Smart System Technologies students work hands-on with some of the most advanced technology today, including machine vision, collaborative robotics, industrial artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital twins, and augmented virtual reality. Graduates go on to successful careers with current and emerging technology-based businesses such as smart manufacturing, collaborative robots, prosthetics, and automated transport.

Learn more about our A.A.S. and certificate programs in Smart Systems Technologies.

Using a HyFlex course model, students are free to choose the delivery mode that fits their preference and schedule. Before selecting this type of course, it is important you understand what is expected to be successful. We recommend that all HyFlex students:

  • Ensure that HyFlex learning is right for you. If you chose to attend class online throughout the semester, remember that online learning comes with greater responsibility for your own learning outcomes. Complete our online self-assessment to see if you're a good fit for online instruction, or if choosing more in-person experiences is a better route.
  • Read the entire syllabus and understand the policies, deadlines, course assignments, and quizzes/examination schedule of the class.
  • Check for regular communication from your instructor via FLCC email and Blackboard.
  • Ask questions and communicate with the instructor.

Since all lecture video recordings are available online, you can revisit lessons at any time to be prepared for all exams, papers, and projects. For when you choose not to attend the live class:

  • Ensure you have access to reliable technology if you choose to video-conference in to the class. Needed items include a computer, webcam, microphone, and high-speed Internet.
  • Keep current on class recordings and weekly assignments.

Current Students

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Andrew Muha

"I thrive working online and on my own time, so I would recommend HyFlex learning. I was able to rewatch old lectures on a day I had to work, while receiving the same support and help, when needed."