FLCC Honors Studies

Student engaging in a discussion in the student lounge

Join other curious, highly motivated students in an engaging environment of reflection, creation, sharing, and in-depth exploration. Scholarly learning meets social community, and intellect merges with artistry in this unique learning environment.

The Experience

With less lecture than you'd typically see in the classroom, Honors seminar-style classes revolve around discussion and interaction between all learners… including the instructor.

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Honors Goals

Accumulate enough Honors Studies experience, and you could earn a scholarship, an award, or even the Honors Studies Scholar designation on your transcript.

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Earning Honors Points

Reach your Honors Goals by earning points, which you can collect through classes, contracts, and special events; you'll pair these experiences with self-reflection.

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Dr. Trista Merrill
Director of Honors Studies
Phone: (585)785-1357
Email: honorsstudies@flcc.edu

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