Faculty Office Hours

Current students can find faculty office hours online during the Spring and Fall semesters. Talk to faculty to confirm both in-person and online office hours.

For Current Students

  1. Visit the Full-Time Faculty Office Hours page to review faculty office-hours. (Log in using your student username and password.)
  2. Faculty may also list office hours, sign-up instructions, and online meeting options in Brightspace or on their course outline.
  3. When in doubt, email faculty directly. You can look up faculty contact information in the FLCC directory.

For College Visitors

  1. Use the FLCC directory to find faculty contact information.
  2. Email or call faculty directly to schedule a time and place to meet.

How to Use Office Hours Effectively

All full-time FLCC faculty are required to hold weekly office hours to provide one-on-one support for students.

7 Great Reasons to Attend Office Hours

  1. Clarify course materials and assignments
  2. Get help with difficult course concepts
  3. Receive feedback on coursework
  4. Review your academic progress
  5. Discuss career goals and transfer plans
  6. Explore opportunities for internships and other academic projects
  7. Build a professional relationship with faculty

Office Hours Success Strategies

  • Schedule an appointment or confirm faculty office hours via email.
  • Explain the reason for your meeting in advance whenever possible.
  • Review your course materials, assignments, and notes to identify areas of confusion to discuss at the meeting.
  • Arrive on time and keep your discussion focused on the subject.
  • Ask specific questions and provide context to help explain your concerns.
  • Be open to feedback and constructive criticism, and ask for clarification as needed.
  • Take notes during the meeting to help remember the information discussed.
  • Review notes and organize the information discussed in a way that makes sense.
  • Take action on the feedback and advice provided in a timely manner.
  • Follow up as needed and thank them for their support.

Office hour listings are maintained by the Division of Academic & Student Affairs.