Liberal Arts & Sciences

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Embrace your curiosity and explore a range of classes and subjects through a Liberal Arts education. Develop valuable communication and critical thinking skills while you prepare to transfer after completing this flexible degree program.

Career Outlook: Liberal Arts & General Studies

Build valuable skills rooted in critical thinking, strategic communications, and emotional intelligence with a degree in liberal arts. These versatile soft skills give you an edge on the job market and are useful in practically every field. When seeking employment, you'll find employers prefer job applicants who have the type of diverse education a humanities degree provides.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Programs

A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies Track

If you're interested in earning a four-year degree in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, veterinary sciences, or other science program, the A.S. General Studies Track is a great option. Take courses that focus on personal areas of interest, which will get you ready for successful transfer into the sciences.

A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies Track

A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies Track

The A.A. General Studies Track is ideal if you're planning to enter a four-year program in philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, history, world languages, or other humanities programs. Personalize your education to focus on your areas of interest and prepare for successful transfer in the social sciences.

A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: General Studies Track

Options for Undecided Students

Many first-year students enter college undecided about their academic and career goals. Exploring our affordable Liberal Arts programs provides you the opportunity to pursue your interests while helping you discover your degree path. Learn about options available for undecided students.

Liberal Arts & Sciences Tracks

A.A Liberal Arts & Sciences

General Studies


A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences

General Studies