CLEP Examinations

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams are offered in liberal arts and business subjects. Students who wish to take CLEP exams must register with a test center. Area test centers are located at Keuka College (Penn Yan), Corning Community College (Corning), and Monroe Community College (Rochester).

Contact information for these centers, and additional information on the exams, is available on the Web at

CLEP General Exams

Examination Credits & FLCC Course Equivalent
College Composition 3 ENG 101 +3 HUM elective
College Composition Modular 3 ENG 101 +3 HUM elective
College Mathematics 6 MAT elective
Humanities 6 HUM elective
Natural Sciences 6 SCI elective
Social Sciences and History 6 SSC elective

CLEP Subject Exams

Examination Credits & FLCC Course Equivalent
Survey of Functions I 3 MAT 145
American Government 3 POL 100
American Literature 6 ENG 201+202
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 3 ENG 102 +3 HUM elective
Introductory Business Law 3 BUS 227
Intro. to Educational Psychology 3 SSC elective
English Literature 3 ENG 102 +3 HUM elective
College French Level I 6 FRN 101/102
College French Level II 12 FRN 101/2, 201/2
College German Level I 6 MFL elective
College German Level II 12 MFL elective
History of the US I: to 1877 3 HIS 110
History of the US II: 1865 to Present 3 HIS 111
Human Growth and Development 3 PSY 200
Info. Systems and Computer Apps 3 CSC elective
Principles of Macroeconomics 3 ECO 210
Principles of Management
3 BUS 221
Principles of Marketing 3 BUS 222
Principles of Microeconomics 3 ECO 211
Introductory Psychology 3 PSY 100
Introductory Sociology 3 SOC 100
College Spanish Level I 6 SPN 101/102
College Spanish Level II 12 SPN 101/2, 201/2
Trigonometry 3 MAT electives
Western Civilization I: Ancient to 1648 3 HUM/HIS 100
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present 3 HUM/HIS 101

This list is not intended to include all available exams. Students may wish to receive credit for examinations which are not listed here. Such examinations will be evaluated for credit by the Student Records Office according to FLCC policies and ACE guidelines.

For more information, contact the Student Records Office at (585)785-1675.


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