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Early Admissions Programs

College Level Program

FLCC offers high school seniors an opportunity to earn college credit on a part-time or full-time basis. The College Level Program is designed for the senior who has completed most required high school courses. Early Admissions students are not eligible for financial aid.

Part-time Study

The high school senior is still enrolled in a high school program while taking one or two college courses during the morning, afternoon, and/or evening. Written permission must be secured from both the high school guidance counselor and the principal. The high school senior must register and pay the tuition fee at regular college registration times. Immunization requirements will apply to high school seniors.

Full-time Study

The high school senior attends the College on a full-time basis and uses college credits to complete high school graduation requirements. Written permission from the high school guidance counselor and the principal must be submitted. Seniors should follow the standard college admissions procedures and must schedule an "Ability to Benefit" test through The Educational Planning and Career Services office. Upon successful completion of these procedures a student will be admitted as a degree student.

For further information, contact the Office of Admissions at (585)785-1278.