Gemini Scholarship

FLCC is pleased to announce it has consolidated many scholarships into one convenient application. When you complete the scholarship application process, you'll not only be considered for the Gemini Scholarship, but also other scholarships where you meet the eligibility criteria.

About the Gemini Scholarship

FLCC's Gemini Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement of high school seniors who are earning college credit in high school before pursuing full-time studies at FLCC. This scholarship is awarded to twelve students each academic year, and it is worth one half the cost of FLCC's full-time tuition for one year.

The Gemini Scholarship application window is limited, and it's non-renewable. Your Gemini instructor can provide you with the information you need from their Gemini welcome letter instructions. If you need assistance, please contact the Gemini Office at (585) 785-1669.

Scholarship Application

Please apply for Gemini and other FLCC scholarship opportunities by April 23 of your senior year of high school.

To apply for the Gemini Scholarship, along with other scholarship opportunities you may be eligible for, you must first submit your FLCC Admissions Application.

Upon acceptance, complete the FLCC Scholarship Application by following the steps below: 

  • Browse all FLCC Scholarships — we encourage you to search our scholarship opportunities to see if you are eligible.  
  • Sign In With Your School Account — use your email and FLCC password to begin your scholarship application.
  • Complete and Submit your Scholarship Application — this one application is all we need to match you with your eligible scholarships.

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