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Student reading a textbook near the main building at FLCC's Canandaigua campus

isotrope is an international literary journal based out of FLCC. The publication features poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual arts. The journal showcases emerging talent from around the world.

isotrope — Spring 2022 Issue

Current issue, The Laker magazine

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Editor in Chief

Erin Brewer, Humanities Instructor

Faculty Advisor

Jon Palzer, Professor of English

Logo Designer

Francesca Tiermini, '22

2022 Student Editors

Audrianna Barnard
Ty Lasher
Emma Perrone
Lauren Smith
Leah Terry
Corinne Wiedemann


Table of Contents

2 — "In the House of the Church and the State," by Alex Mattingly
7 — "When the Unloved Love," by Laila Shikaki
10 — "The Right Path," by Kelly Sullivan
11 —"Honey suckle," by Zoiey Mull
12 — "Whatever You Call a Mixtape Now," by JC Reilly
13 — "The Land Meant for No One," by Natalie Gasper
14 — "hazy," by Yasmina Martin
15 — "World War Three," by William Bateman
17 — "Entrenched," by Emily Rankin
18 — "MANIA and/or MANIC," by Robin Gow
19 — "All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go," by Leah Terry
20 — "Primal Epeolatry," by Shyla Ann Shehan
21 — "This One Calls for Takeout," by Shyla Ann Shehan
22 — "She pointed to 'L' word at him. Loser." by Elizabeth Wadsworth Ellis
23 — "Smoke Break at the Temple," by Sarah Louise Wilson
24 — "Renegade Painting," by Richard Dent
25 — "The trouble with names," by Esther Sadoff
26 — "My, My Dog, My Mother, and Molecules," by Emma Perrone
28 — "Butterfly," by Leah Smith
29 — "Underwater," by Jardana Peacock
33 — "Temple of Winter Days," by Marsha Solomon
34 — "Restless Spirit," by Christina E. Petrides
35 — "Bound in Human Hide," by William Doreski
37 — "Photograph," by Lydia Fanara
38 — "The Shattering," by Leah Terry
44 — "Untitled," from "Memory (Me and the Machine)," by Max D'Amico
45 — "Untitled," by Margaret Hargrave
46 — "notes scribbled in the margins of my art history class notebook," by Ashtyn Porter
47 — "The Ecstasy of Albina Larice," by Grace Sleeman
49 — "Hold Your Breath," by Evilyn Pinnow
51 — "Blasphemies, Screamed and Unheard," by Rose Menyon Heflin
53 — "A Statue Comes to Life," by Ty Lasher
55 — "The Wandering," by Elissia Kimball
56 — "Poets of the Late Shang Dynasty," by Bruce Meyer
57 — "Discordant Symphony," by Ruth Mota
59 — "The Psychic Cat Vendor," by Willy Conley
61 — "Filan Art," by Jodie Filan
62 — "Drug Spots," by Kevin Brennan
64 — "the only moving thing," by Fred Pond
65 — "Fusion," by Anum Farooq
66 — "Earth-Conjurers," by Chloë Williams
67 — "Autumnal Grief," by Gloria R. Buckley
68 — Contributor Bios

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