Viticulture and Wine Technology

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Viticulture students at the FLCC Viticulture and Wine Center

Study viticulture and wine technology in one of the country's premier wine regions. Gain experience with every aspect of the winemaking process by operating FLCC's in-house winery, vineyard, and enology lab.

Career Outlook: Finger Lakes Wine and Tourism

Wine tourism is a major economic driver in upstate New York. The Finger Lakes is home to over 140 wineries, creating job opportunities from vineyard operations and winemaking to sales and management. With many community partners in the region, FLCC is well-positioned to train the next generation of wine growers and producers.

A.A.S Program Overview

Learn the science and skills needed to produce award-winning wine in professional facilities. Cultivate grapes, make wine, and practice using commercial wine technology and field equipment. Applied learning and field experience courses show you how to produce high quality wine, while classes in biology and chemistry explain the concepts at work.

By the end of the program, you'll develop a vineyard management plan that tests your knowledge of the wine industry — from regional climate considerations and quality control to business financing and more.

Network with Industry Experts

Meet business leaders working at some of the 140+ wineries in the region. Acquire real-world knowledge of planting, pruning, harvesting, fermenting, bottling, and more through field trips and guest speakers. Take advantage of our internship opportunities and gain work experience with one of our many local partners.

Learn about the regional wine industry by visiting Finger Lakes wine businesses, including:

  • Anthony Road Wine Company
  • Bully Hill Vineyards
  • Cornell AgriTech
  • Finger Lakes Grape Program
  • Hillick and Hobbs Estate
  • Lakewood Vineyards

Professional Wine Production Facilities

As a viticulture student, you'll take most or all of your classes at the Viticulture and Wine Center in Geneva, NY. This professional facility features a teaching winery, vineyard, enology lab, aging rooms, crush pad, and classroom.

Work with the same wine technology and equipment you'll find at local wineries throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Tour the Viticulture and Wine Center

FLCC main building on the Canandaigua Campus

Prepare to Transfer with 2 Specialized Tracks

Fine tune your coursework by completing one of our two optional, transfer-ready tracks in enology or viticulture. These specialized tracks include a series of courses that prepare you for the upper-level coursework required at a four-year school, such as Cornell University.

Focus on the science of winemaking with an emphasis on chemistry.

Prepare for a future in wine science with advanced courses in biology, chemistry, and math. Enologists apply scientific knowledge of winemaking to enhance the quality and consistency of the product, such as monitoring sugar and acid levels in grapes to identify peak flavor and leading the refinement process.

Learn More About our Enology Track

Focus on the science of grape growing with an emphasis on biology.

Prepare for a future in grape cultivation with advanced courses in biology, chemistry, and vineyard management. Viticulturists play an important role in wine production by ensuring that vineyards maximize yield and flavor. This specialization involves in-depth knowledge of regional growing conditions and harvesting techniques.

Learn More About our Viticulture Track

A.A.S. Program Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to read, write, and integrate and analyze information from multiple resources and present the information using select computer programs commonly available.
  • Demonstrate professional competency in viticulture and wine technology using industry level skills and knowledge.
  • Explain interdependence of viticulture and winemaking with rural communities, economic activities, human and natural resources.
  • Speak and present before a group on viticulture and wine technology topics including: wine microbiology, modern winemaking technologies, grapevine physiology, vineyard environmental factors and interactions, and sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery.
  • Apply academic and professional ethics and values while critically evaluating modern viticulture and winemaking practices.
  • Apply mathematics skills while understanding the impact of winemaking and/or viticulture decisions on wine and/or grape chemistry characteristics.

Career Pathways

With this degree, you'll be ready for a variety of employment opportunities in the wine industry, including:

  • Cellar Procedures
  • Equipment Operation
  • Vineyard Management
  • Wine Sales
  • Winemaking
  • Winery Operations

Seamless Transfer Opportunities

Continue your education with a four-year degree in enology, winemaking, or other related field. Pursuing an advanced degree in viticulture allows you to further specialize your area of expertise. You'll find colleges and universities with wine degrees in viticultural regions across the U.S., including:

  • Cornell University
  • Oregon State University
  • Washington State University
  • UC Davis

Low-Cost Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

Earn a quality education at an affordable rate. With our low cost-per-credit and general scholarship opportunities, you can maximize your potential with minimal debt. 80% of students are awarded scholarships or financial aid that help with the cost of college.


Our Viticulture and Wine Technology faculty are dedicated to both their craft and teaching. Some of our instructors operate their own vineyards and wineries, while others conduct wine research. With decades of combined experience, our faculty and staff are eager to share their passion for the industry and help you succeed. Faculty networks with local wineries and international wine regions — such as Argentina, Australia, and France — help you build connections in the wine industry, leading to exciting internships and job opportunities.

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