Game Programming & Design

Associate in Science (A.S.)

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 63 credit hours with a grade point average of no lower than C (2.0). For this degree program, you must successfully complete the following:

Program Core

  • CSC 103 Computer Science Portal
  • CSC 115 CS1: Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking
  • CSC 141 Introduction to the Game Industry
  • CSC 190 CS2: Object-Oriented Software Design
  • CSC 200 CS3: Data Structures
  • CSC 241 Fundamentals of Game Design
  • CSC 242 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation
  • CSC 246 Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques
  • CSC 255 Game Programming Team Capstone Project

General Education

  • ART 115 Computer Imaging
  • COM 100 Human Communication
  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 113 Technical Ethics
  • MAT 152 Pre-Calculus (Survey of Functions II) (or higher)
  • MAT 160 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  • PHY 118 College Physics I
  • PHY 119 College Physics II
  • 2 credits Health/Physical Education Electives (HPE 122 Concepts of Wellness OR HPE 164 Stress Reduction Through Exercise, recommended)
  • SUNY General Education approved course from one the following categories:
    • US History and Civic Engagement
    • World History and Global Awareness
  • SUNY General Education approved course in Social Science that also satisfies the Diversity: Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice requirement

SUNY General Education Electives

For information on which courses fulfill SUNY General Education Electives and for information on transferring to a four-year school, visit