Computer Science

Associate in Science (A.S.)

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Programmers, software engineers, and data scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals in today's high-tech world. Learn how to analyze problems and develop solutions using both creativity and technical knowledge in this transfer-friendly program.

Career Outlook: Software and Web Development

Computer scientists and programmers develop technology and software for a variety of industries — such as healthcare, business, and manufacturing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 25% growth in software development and computer systems design careers by 2031, which is much higher than the average job growth rate. The average salary for software developers was $120,730 in 2021.

A.S. Program Overview

Turn your passion for technology into a career with a degree in computer science. Learn programming languages and other software development skills. Math and physics courses prepare you to work with advanced algorithms and datasets. Personalize your education by choosing between a variety of computer science electives, including cloud computing, web development, game design, and more.

By the end of the program, you'll have the technical, analytical, and critical thinking skills you need to succeed as a computer scientist. As a transfer program, you'll also have the credits required to continue your education at a four-year college or university as a junior.

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"My degree opened many doors for me. As a person who has always seen herself as more of a design-oriented or front-end type person, learning the back end when I began programming gave me a completely different perspective of my work."

— Maggie Miller, '15

Our Computer Science Degree is Available 100% Online

In addition to completing this degree in-person, our entire Computer Science program is available online. Study on your time and from a location that fits your busy schedule. Online learning provides a convenient and flexible way to earn an education. Learn more about FLCC online learning.

A.S. Program Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Apply computational concepts and analytical thinking in the development of computer algorithms and solutions.
  • Develop and implement software solutions using multi-level programming languages.
  • Discuss and reflect upon key ethical issues and global concerns in relation to the field of computer science, as well as the impact of technology upon individuals, organizations, and a global society.
  • Work collaboratively and effectively within a team environment in order to create a computer solution or final project within a required time frame.

Seamless Transfer Opportunities

Most graduates transfer to four-year schools to advance their education. FLCC maintains articulation agreements with several different institutions, allowing for easy transfer. These schools include:

  • Excelsior College
  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • St. John Fisher University
  • SUNY Brockport
  • SUNY Buffalo State
  • SUNY Oswego

Four-Year Career Pathways

Once you've earned a bachelor's degree in computer science, you will be ready to pursue a variety of in-demand computer science careers, including:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Network Administration
  • Software or Multimedia Development
  • Technical Support
  • UX Design
  • Web Development

Low-Cost Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

Earn a quality education at an affordable rate. With our low cost-per-credit and general scholarship opportunities, you can maximize your potential with minimal debt. 80% of students are awarded scholarships or financial aid that help with the cost of college.


Computing Sciences faculty bring a wide range of technical expertise and decades of teaching experience. They hold degrees from institutions such as Rochester Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Nazareth College. Many have professional experience working in cybersecurity, network administration, and software development. Equally passionate about technology and teaching, they work to keep courses up-to-date with the latest technology and relevant skills for today's rapidly changing world.

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