To connect to the FLCCwifi

  • Ensure you can log on to any of the campus computers with your WebAdvisor Username and password
  • If you cannot, you will need to log into your WebAdvisor Account and change your password
  • From your Wireless Settings, you will select FLCCwifi
  • When prompted to enter credentials you will use:
    • Student Users:  student\<WebAdvisor-Username>
    • Employee Users:   employee\<WebAdvisor-Username>
  • Password:  WebAdvisor Password

Connection Guides

Connecting to FLCCwifi with:

Problems Connecting to FLCCwifi?

If you have any issues with logging into the FLCCwifi, please stop in to the FLCC IT Helpdesk in room 3300 or call (585)785-1419.