Course Descriptions

Health Care Studies (HCS) Courses

HCS 153 Fundamentals of Health Care (3-0) 3 credits

This course explores the variety of options available for careers in the health care industry. It will provide the student with information to evaluate career options that will best suit their need and interests. Areas covered will also include resources to aid the development of independent learning skills necessary for success in the health care field and understanding the foundations for the pathway to nursing. This course is open to anyone interested in exploring health care careers and is a requirement for the AS Health Care Studies program. The format of this course includes lecture, class discussion, guest speakers and student presentations.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HCS 154 Medical Terminology (3-0) 3 credits

This is an introductory course into the principles of medical terminology. Medical terminology is the framework for developing a robust medical vocabulary essential to every health care professional. The content includes analyzing individual word parts, body systems, basic medical language, body orientation, health, wellness and disease terms.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

HCS 270 Ethical Considerations in Health Care (3-0) 3 credits

The purpose of this course is to involve the student in reading and discussing medical issues from an ethical perspective to create depth in our awareness of the moral problems that cannot be ignored and more often than not, cannot necessarily be solved. The scope of this course will entail examination of different ethical approaches to moral problems in medicine and their success or failure in a broad range of medical issues, including but not limited to: the physician-patient relationship, the role of the healthcare provider, euthanasia and death with dignity, rights to health care/costs of health care and an examination for important concepts such as autonomy, paternalism, rights, consent, and confidentiality. Corequisite: ENG 103 This course carries SUNY General Education Humanities credit.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF