Course Descriptions

Experienced Based Learning (EBL) Courses

EBL 199 Professional Work Experience

Students are required to complete 600 hours of work experience in culinary arts and hospitality while enrolled in the Culinary Arts or Hospitality and Tourism Management degree programs. Professional work experience complements classroom learning and hands-on labs by providing students with real-world career training. EBL 199 will be added to a students transcript each time 150 hours of work experience has been completed.

EBL 200 Internship Course (1-0-2) 3 credits

This course provides the student with the opportunity to gain practical work experience under the supervision of a professional in their field in a day-to-day on-site place of employment. The student must complete a minimum of 90 hours at their internship site during the semester. The internship site can be any site that will assist the student in exploring their career path and that can meet the learning outcomes of the course. During the semester the student must participate in hybrid (online and in person) learning modules during which the student will have an opportunity to reflect on their work experience and work with other students to answer questions relevant to their course of study, work experience and career field. The student will complete a final presentation as a culminating project of their experience and submit both a final self-evaluation and an employer evaluation.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF