Course Descriptions

Business (BUS) Courses

BUS 115 Computer Law and Policy (3-0) 3 credits

This course provides fundamental information needed to have a basic understanding of issues in cyberlaw such as intellectual property, ethics, security, privacy, content control, computer crime, and e-commerce, among other topics.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 120 Introduction to Business (3-0) 3 credits

Introduction to such business factors as ownership, careers, economic systems, competition, organizational structures, management, production, marketing, finance, business ethics, and current topics. This course is also designed as a first year seminar for students entering the AS and AAS Business Administration programs. This course prepares students to take higher level business courses, or serve as a general survey course for non-business students.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 122 Video Advertising (3-0) 3 credits

This course is a workshop in planning, writing, producing, videotaping and editing video advertisements for television and the web. Students will receive experience in writing, production techniques (shooting and editing) and the evaluation of video ads. (Also listed as COM 122)  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 123 Business Communications (3-0) 3 credits

This class is designed for a student entering any part of the business world, where good communications skills are essential. It is a comprehensive introduction to theory and practice of basic business communication skills. Emphasis is placed on the process of communication and on typical forms of business communication, such as business reports, different types of business messages, including electronic messages, and employment communication. Prerequisite: ENG 101.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 124 Organizational Behavior (3-0) 3 credits

Organizational Behavior is an introductory business course that will provide information to the student about individuals, groups, organizational structure, and function. Topics to be studied include: Interpersonal Communications, Decision Making, Human Perception, Dynamics of Groups, Human Needs and Motivation, Concept of Organization, Leadership, Moral and the Quality of Work Life with attention to ethical consideration.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 126 Introduction to Sports Studies (3-0) 3 credits

Students will study the components of management as applied to sport enterprises, as well as the historical, psychological and sociological foundations of sport. An overview of the various careers associated with sports management or sports tourism is provided. In order to understand how to plan and develop a sports-related business or sports-related tourism destination, students will be introduced to ideas such as the scope of sport events, event logistics (including sponsorship, hospitality, and the use if volunteers), and licensing agreements.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 131 Personal Money Management (3-0) 3 credits

This course deals with management of personal finances over the life cycle of the individual consumer. Topics covered include establishment of personal financial objectives, budgeting, use of credit, property, liability and life insurance, major purchases such as housing, transportation and education; taxes, savings, investments, and retirement and estate planning.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 142 Professional Selling (3-0) 3 credits

This course is a study of the fundamentals of professional selling as a prerequisite to success in retailing and business occupations. Emphasis is placed on acquiring effective communication skills, self-confidence, and basic selling techniques through practical demonstration, on-site observation, and practice in retail settings. The importance of product knowledge, customer buying motivations, and the role played by the salesperson in the store’s total image are examined.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 146 Retail Business Management (3-0) 3 credits

This course is an introduction to contemporary retailing as a service industry and profitable operation. A study is made of each of the five major organizational functions: merchandising, personnel, finance, operations, and promotion, with emphasis placed on career opportunities in each division.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 147 Small Business Management (3-0) 3 credits

A management approach to the study of contemporary small business practices. Students evaluate alternatives to be considered in forming policies regarding organizational structure, location, financial and legal requirements, merchandising and service standards, personnel considerations, methods of operation, promotional strategy, inventory control and accounting procedures. This course will serve as preparation for the establishment and operation of a small retail business.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 203 Public Relations (3-0) 3 credits

This survey course in Public Relations introduces students to the field of public relations. It will describe the responsibility and roles of the public relations professional in private and public companies. Prerequisites: ENG 101. (Also listed as COM 203)  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 212 MS Excel for Business Applications (3-0) 3 credits

This course offers students the opportunity to master the advanced functionality of Microsoft Excel, and to apply those skills to genuine business applications such as financial modeling, reporting, and the automation of accounting and financial tasks. Although the basic functions of Excel will be covered, areas of focus include graphs and charts, the use of advanced financial functions and analytical tools, reporting templates, linking of worksheets and workbooks, importing and manipulating data, macros (automation of tasks), auditing tools, and other features especially useful to the financial or accounting professional. Prerequisites: Placement into Math Level 1 or MAT 110. (Also listed as CSC 212)  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 221 Principles of Management (3-0) 3 credits

The basic purpose of this course is to provide an understanding and appreciation of the part management plays in the successful operation of a business. The evolution of management practices is explored along with present applications in order to maintain effective coordination and control. This course is targeted towards anyone interested in learning about basic management skills; either professionals or current students. It will prepare the student for future or current management positions. The course also serves as a requirement in the AAS Business Administration program.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 222 Marketing (3-0) 3 credits

This course is a comprehensive introduction to procedures and practices involved in marketing, including marketing, including marketing cooperation with all other business functions and disciplines. Students in all business-related majors will focus on how present-day marketing trends are used to meet the needs and wants of customers/consumers. Concepts covered will include product research, development and package; pricing; sales, advertising and sales promotion; distribution and transportation; wholesalers and retailers; marketing research.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 224 Human Resource Management (3-0) 3 credits

A detailed study of personnel practices as they relate to the behavioral science concept of the management of human resources. Topics considered are recruitment, selection and training, motivation, job analysis, salary and wages, and performance appraisal.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 227 Business Law (3-0) 3 credits

A study of legal principles applied to business transactions. Topics covered include: the origins of legal rights, ethics, court systems and procedures, constitutional authority, and contract law, agency and Torts.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 229 Advertising (3-0) 3 credits

Examines advertising as an important component in managerial marketing. Emphasis is placed on objectives, media study, strategic planning, budget considerations, control, and the measurement of advertising effectiveness. The role of advertising agencies and departments are examined.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 231 Sports Marketing (3-0) 3 credits

This course focuses on how effective marketing and promotion strategies, including data analysis and marketing analytics, are applied to various aspects of the sports business industry. Students study the services marketing theory to understand the relationship between sports marketing/promotion, the success of sporting events/facilities, and the economic development for a sports venue/destination. Prerequisite: BUS 126.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 236 Special Topics in Business (3-0) 3 credits

This course is designed to treat a selected topic associated with the marketing field. Course content and instructor vary from semester to semester. Topics may include: Customer Service, Consumer Behavior, Human Relations, Credit Management, and Visual Merchandising.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 240 Dynamics of Leadership (3-0) 3 credits

This course is a management course designed for the student to reflect and self-discover. Through the study of proven leadership theories and their practical applications, the student will: develop their own leadership style, focus their values and beliefs, develop their communication and interpersonal skills, and enhance their decision making and problem solving abilities. Students will be encouraged to embrace and develop a leadership style best suited to their individual personality, attributes and temperament.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 241 Project Management (3-0) 3 credits

This is an information management course in which students learn tools for e-mailing, managing e-mails and contact lists, organizing schedules, and maintaining a calendar. Outlook and a web-based system are utilized.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 250 Business Internship Program (3-0) 3 credits

The internship course allows the student to gain supervised practical experience working in a setting related to the student’s area of Business interest. The course provides students with an on-the-job experience consisting of a minimum of 135 hours of supervised activity at an appropriate business firm, institution or agency. This work experience, along with the academic program, will enrich the theoretical concepts developed in the classroom and enable the student to prepare for entrance into a competitive work environment. There is an additional in-class component for students to share their experience and discuss lessons learned. Prerequisite: Completion of 30 credit hours toward a degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or permission of instructor. Based upon faculty recommendation, this course may be taken twice for credit.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 265 A.S. Business Administration Capstone (1-0) 1 credit

This course is to serve as a capstone for students only in the AS Business Administration degree program. Because of the nature of the program, students are expected to have researched what four-year college or university they plan to attend, along with a specific major within the business field. Students are to articulate this information along with what they learned here at FLCC, and how that will apply at their destination. In addition, students are to prepare documents for internship(s) at their four year school. This will ensure that the student is market ready for advanced courses. Prerequisite: 13 credits of ACC/BUS courses, 45 program credits completed, and minimum 2.0 GPA.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF

BUS 270 Applied Business Studies Capstone (1-0) 1 credit

This course is a culminating experience for the AAS Applied Business Studies Program. Students will build upon previous work and practice career skills through job searches, resume and cover letter creation, application submission and mock interviews. Students will reflect on their growth as a learner and as an aspiring professional. This will facilitate an awareness of the skills still needing further development.  View Course Syllabus Adobe Acrobat, PDF