Sample Schedule

The schedule below shows how the requirements for this certificate may be met in three semesters. For some students, fulfilling certificate requirements may take more than three semesters to complete. When planning your schedule, you should consult with your advisor.

First Semester: Spring (12 Credit Hours)

  • CHM 121 General Chemistry I (4)
  • VIT 100 Introduction to Wines and Vines (3)
  • VIT 105 Basic Viticulture Techniques (3)
  • VIT 115 Introduction to Enology Lab Techniques (2)

Second Semester: Summer (5 Credit Hours)

  • VIT 110 Summer Vineyard Technology Practicum (5)

Third Semester: Fall (12 Credit Hours)

  • VIT 200 Vineyard Management (3)
  • VIT 205 Fall Wine Technology Practicum (4)
  • VIT 210 Enology I (4)
  • HPE 111 First Aid and Basic Life Support (1)

Schedule Updated: July 1, 2021

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