Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer)

Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 64 credit hours with a grade point average of no lower than C (2.0).

For this degree program, you must successfully complete the following:

Program Core

  • CSC 121 Technology in Education
  • EDU 200 Foundations of American Education
  • EDU 210 Schools in America: Organization and Issues
  • FYS 135 First Year Seminar for Education Majors
  • MAT 180 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I
  • MAT 280 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 225 Child Psychology

General Education

  • COM 110 Public Speaking
  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 103 Composition II
  • ENG Children's Literature (one of the following):
    • ENG 200 Children's Literature: Pre-readers to Middle Grade
    • ENG 209 Children's Literature: Middle Grade to Young Adult
  • HPE 212 Health
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SUNY General Education approved courses in World Language: 2 courses in the same language
  • SUNY General Education approved Lab Natural Science (and Scientific Reasoning) Electives**
    • BIO 115 Human Biology
    • BIO 118 Contemporary Biology I
    • BIO 119 Contemporary Biology II
    • BIO 125 Foundations of Life Science
    • BIO 121 General Biology
    • BIO 122 General Biology II
    • CHM 121 General Chemistry I
    • CHM 122 General Chemistry II
    • PHY 118 College Physics I
    • PHY 119 College Physics II
    • PHY 151 University Physics I
    • PHY 152 University Physics II
  • SUNY General Education approved course from one of the following categories:
    • US History and Civic Engagement
    • World History and Global Engagement
  • 6 credits General Electives


* Must be two courses in the same language. See advisor for World (Foreign) Language Requirements.
** Some bachelor's programs prefer a two-semester sequence in one Science area, some prefer one course in two different Science areas, e.g. one Chemistry and one Biology.

SUNY General Education Electives

For information on which courses fulfill SUNY General Education Electives and for information on transferring to a four-year school, visit