FLCC Forward: A Strategic Plan for 2018-2023

What we will do: Strategic Priorities

Opportunities and Innovation


FLCC will show community leadership in anticipating and embracing changes in education, the economy, technology and culture. FLCC employees will be empowered to engage with the community and respond quickly and effectively to the challenges and opportunities of filling unmet needs for education and training.


FLCC will explore new ideas in technology, leadership, learning and professional development and reward creativity and strategic thinking that enhances cross-divisional collaboration and community partnerships on behalf of our students.


FLCC will model interconnectedness by promoting collaboration among students in liberal arts, honors and applied disciplines. The College will embed our institutional values and learning outcomes within all disciplines to foster student investment in their individual development.

Community and Industry Partnerships

Experiential Learning

FLCC will seek equal partnerships with government, nonprofits and businesses to co-create career-ready graduates. The College will invite regular feedback from stakeholders to ensure the quality and relevancy of academic programming, and it will engage the community to provide experiential and service learning opportunities for students and employment for graduates.

Community Connections

FLCC will build connections between students and the greater community as early as possible, perhaps even as early as middle school, to complement classroom education while contributing to the region’s quality of life.

The College will be a key participant in community initiatives, and it will encourage employees to use their “small-world networks” to build connections that enhance the student experience. FLCC will be a welcoming hub where community members of all ages engage with faculty and students in intellectual, cultural and recreational pursuits.


FLCC will prioritize the information sharing and coordination necessary for partnerships that engage students and foster their growth in the academic, technical and interpersonal skills necessary for success.