Plan for a Successful Transfer

Planning your move to a four-year college or university doesn't have to be overwhelming. FLCC is here to assist you with the transfer process. We'll help you identify four-year colleges and universities that line up with your goals. And, we'll work with you to help you choose courses that meet your FLCC degree and transfer school's requirements.

5 Steps to a Successful Transfer

The type of college or university you choose to pursue a four-year degree at depends on your individual, academic, and career goals. To help you prepare for the transfer process, check out this five-step guide that will make the transfer process to a four-year school a positive one.

5 Steps to a Successful Transfer Adobe Acrobat, PDF

Plan Your Course Selection

As you pursue your academic path at FLCC, you should plan your course selection carefully. Meeting with your faculty advisor will help ensure you are taking the necessary courses that will fulfill the College's graduation requirements and satisfy general education course requirements. In addition, your advisor will discuss any prerequisites you may need to take prior to pursuing your major at FLCC and at the four-year level.

Keep Your Grades High

When attending FLCC, you'll want to keep your grades as high as possible. Avoid dropping or withdrawing from classes and strive to keep your grades from falling below a C average. Remember to seek help from your instructors and academic support services whenever necessary. And, hold onto all course syllabi, as they may be needed to help justify transfer credit later on.

Transfer Tips

As you search for the right four-year college or university to attend after FLCC, don't limit your search to a select number of schools or specific type of college. Expand it and explore alternative four-year options for transfer opportunities. Plan on applying to multiple institutions. When applying, inquire about all deadlines and stay ahead of them. Always keep organized and stay connected with your prospective colleges.

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