Muller Field Station

K-12 Education Programs

Discovery begins at FLCC’s Muller Field Station! Located on 48 acres with direct access to the Honeoye Lake Inlet, Muller Field Station is an ideal location to receive a hands-on, field-based environmental education. Students participate in ongoing monitoring and citizen science projects, which focus on conservation, biology, chemistry and ecology within the southern Honeoye Valley and Finger Lakes region.

Program Topics

Animal Adaptations

Discover what makes different animals uniquely suited for their habitat and role in the environment.

Animal Sign, Tracks and Scat

Learn to recognize and identify NYS mammals by the clues they leave behind.

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

Discover the connection between aquatic insects and water quality.

Bird Sleuth

Assist in bird observation and identification for Cornell University's eBird monitoring program.

Black Bears

Find out what FLCC students and the NYSDEC are learning about black bears in our area.

Citizen Science

Participate in one of the many ongoing citizen science programs at Muller Field Station.

Ecological Succession

Learn what happens to plant communities over time.

Fish Culture

Tour the Muller walleye fish hatchery and learn how FLCC students are helping this species' survival.

Invasive Species

Learn about aquatic and terrestrial invasive species and their impact on the environment.

One Cubic Foot

Assess the biodiversity of unique ecosystems through a cooperative project with the Seneca Park Zoo.

Water Chemistry

Assess water quality by performing different chemical tests on water samples.

Wetlands and Wetland Mammals

Learn about the different wildlife in our area's wetlands.

Wildlife Camera Trapping

Participate in FLCC's ongoing wildlife monitoring program utilizing trail cameras.

Customized Programs

Work with our experts to design a program to meet your curriculum goals.

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Faculty & Staff

John Foust
Director of Muller Field Station
(585) 785-1599
Alexandria Esposito
Conservation Education Outreach Educator
(585) 785-1615


FLCC Muller Field Station
6455 County Road 36
Honeoye, NY
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