Earning Honors Points

Student checking out Honors Studies learning opportunities on an information board

With various options for earning Honors Studies points, you'll be able to accrue points and advance toward Honors Studies Scholar status, even with a full course schedule.

Sources of Honors Points

Many Honors students enjoy accumulating points from one or all sources to round out their Honors Studies experience. Overall, at least nine of your points must be earned through Honors Studies classes to earn Honors Studies Scholar status; the others can be earned through contracts or events. To be eligible for an Honors Studies Contract or to earn points through Honors Approved Events, you must first take an Honors Studies class.


Surround yourself with like-minded intellectuals. In these round table classes, passionate learners like you inspire and encourage one another.

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Bring the Honors experience to your regular class schedule, and become adept at extracting more from your routine academic and lifelong learning opportunities.

About Contracts


Enjoy select campus events from a new perspective as you progress toward your Honors Studies goals by analyzing and reflecting on your experience.

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