Honors Studies Classes

Student reviewing text in a book

In Honors Seminars and Classes, all of the students are Honors Studies students, which means you'll be surrounded by other driven, passionate learners. You'll earn the equivalent number of points as credits for the course.

Honors Seminars

Bring your experiences and knowledge to the table! Students in Honors Seminar courses are from all different academic backgrounds, and they each bring their unique expertise to the same topic.

In this type of course, you might be sitting next to a New Media student on the left and a Conservation student on the right, and all three of you are reading, discussing, exploring, and reacting to the same works and topics, combining your distinct perspectives into an extremely interesting and varied discussion.

Honors Seminars fill General Elective requirements for all programs, and they explore fascinating and unique topics, such as Modern Horror, Women Who Kill, Literature and Film, Harry Potter, Presidential Greatness, and more.

Incorporating these classes into your schedule gives you the chance to deep dive into a topic that interests you, or you can expand your horizons to explore a subject that you never thought to study previously. Your knowledge and perspective will be valued in this setting, and you'll be able to bring expertise from your program of study into the discussion and your projects.

Honors in the Disciplines

Honors in the Disciplines are similar in nature to Honors Seminars, but these classes are discipline-specific. In other words, these courses fulfill the same requirements as their non-Honors counterparts (rather than fulfilling the General Elective requirement).

Honors in the Disciplines classes are offered in a diverse set of specialized subject areas, such as literature, psychology, math, music, communications, or philosophy, among others.

While everyone will be concentrating on the same subject matter, your individual views and knowledge will be welcome and appreciated in this highly participatory class. These classes will enable you to complete a specific curriculum requirement while exploring the topic at length with other ambitious students.

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