Commuting costs are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the FLCC community. Making the decision to carpool is a responsible and sustainable choice!

FLCC Carpool Permits

Twenty-three spaces are available for student carpool parking based on a permit system. Located on the east side of A-lot, the spaces are clearly marked and monitored by Campus Safety. Carpool parking spaces are limited and are filled first-come, first-served. A carpool permit does not guarantee you a space.

If you want to use a carpool space, here is what is required:

  • All students interested in carpool parking must sign-up to receive a pre-numbered laminated permit from the Student Life office. Student Life will track the distribution of permits. Students requesting permits must provide student ID and other basic information when signing up.
  • To park in a carpool space, you must carpool with at least one other student who has a permit.
  • All carpool permits of the passengers in the car Must be on display – Number side up – On the dashboard when a vehicle is parked in a carpool area. At least two permits must be on display at all times when using the designated carpool parking spaces. Campus Safety will monitor use of the spaces and will ticket cars when permits are not properly displayed.
  • Permits are good for any vehicle. Should something happen to the permit, please report it immediately to the Student Life Office and a replacement permit will be issued.
  • Permits are granted on a semester-by-semester basis and are good for one semester only. Students need to apply for a new permit every semester. Do not park in the area until a new permit has been obtained.

The carpooling program is based on an honor system. Failure to abide by the rules may result in suspension of your permit privileges. If you have any questions, please contact Student Life.