Facilities and Grounds

We provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe, clean and healthy educational environment by providing solutions in a timely manner and in a positive tone.

Facilities and Grounds is responsible for all of the FLCC main campus buildings and grounds. We ensure the building, grounds, mechanical and electrical systems are operating so all members of the FLCC community can be in an acceptable safe environment.

Work Requests

It is essential all work requests go through our online work order system. The staff cannot provide any services unless it is in the work order system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director or Assistant Director.

Submit a maintenance work order request

If you do not have a user name and password, please email John Onorato at John.Onorato@flcc.edu for a user name and password. When faculty or staff put in a request, the work is dispatched to our staff. You will later be notified when it is dispatched and when it is completed. If a student has a problem or request, please work with the faculty to get a work order created.

We are organized into three main areas:

Building Maintenance

Mechanical/ Electrical Maintenance

Mechanical/ Electrical Maintenance includes all work related to plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and exhaust systems. We monitor and control all building temperature set-points.


General Maintenance work includes hanging pictures and banners, sign making, wall patching and painting, carpet repair and replacement, door and door hardware repair and replacements, carpentry repairs, furniture moving and repair, shipping and receiving, coordinating vehicle fleet maintenance, and other miscellaneous non-mechanical maintenance work.

Event Scheduling

The Maintenance Department performs limited special event support, including the placement of temporary signage, chair and table setups, stage and riser setups, and tent erections.

There is an event module in the work order system.

Office Moves

Facilities organizes the office moves. Please use module in the work order system.

Project Management

Plan the in-house projects, estimate the time and materials needed for each project and scheduling based on building use and occupancy.  Coordinates with occupants and does the work when scheduled. Also assists with the planning of Capital Projects, and helps assure the contracted work is performed as planned.

Grounds Maintenance

Maintenance of Lawns, Gardens, Athletic Fields and CMAC

Water, weed, plant, aerate, fertilize, and mow 274 acres of land. Stripe the athletic fields during playing season.

Trash and Litter

Police the area and pick up and dispose of all trash and litter on the grounds and in the parking lots.

Maintenance of Sidewalks and Paved Parking Lots and Roads

Repair and maintain surfaces, as well as, perform snow and ice removal during winter months.

Trail Maintenance and other odd jobs

Weed, trim trees and chip the trails. Repair bridges and wood structures on classroom trails. Fix fences and install outdoor signage as well as assist with outdoor requirements for special events.

Housekeeping Maintenance

Rest Rooms

Two day-shift personnel have primary responsibility for maintaining the rest rooms; keeping them stocked with paper products, emptying trash, cleaning horizontal surfaces and cleaning spills. The night shift thoroughly cleans the rest rooms to include mopping.

Classroom/Corridors/Offices and Entryways

The night shift has primary responsibility for sweeping, mopping, cleaning surfaces and emptying trash in all areas of the 392,000 square feet of the main building as well as, the policing, stocking and sweeping of the child care facility and the pavilion rest rooms. The day shift also helps in the policing of the building during normal operating hours to help the campus interior look nice at all times.

Floor Care

Scheduling and conducting the stripping and waxing of tile floors and shampooing of carpets.


Catherine L. Ahern, PE, MSFM
Director, Facilities and Grounds
Room: 2255
Phone: (585)785-1273
Buildings and Grounds Hours:
7 AM–3:30 PM
Cleaning Maintenance Hours:
7 AM–5:30 AM