Associate in Science (A.S.)

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The workforce needs people who can reason mathematically and critically analyze situations when making decisions. Mathematics is a universal language that can apply to fields as far reaching as marketing, law, health care, and sports.

Mathematics Degree

At FLCC, you'll expand upon your strengths in solving problems and analytical thought. Here, you'll acquire the education necessary to transfer into a bachelor's program and further explore your love of numbers, equations, and theory.

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Whether you're a major or take a single course, the Math Center is here to provide the resources and support to strengthen your learning.

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Emma J Farnsworth

"My professors urged me to push beyond what I saw as my limitations and exposed me to great opportunities like Research Experiences for Undergraduates. I was able to conduct research on graph theory and was invited to present my findings at conferences in Ohio and Colorado. I also served as a Supplemental Instructor and a math tutor."