Career Opportunities

Biotechnology plays a key role in academic research, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing, leaving you plenty of room to explore a cutting-edge career. With the world population projected to reach around 10 billion by 2050, biotech developments are relied upon to sustain our growing planet.

Academic Research

Biotechnology and the academic world are closely linked, making this path ideal for those who are interested in uncovering new discoveries in a fast-paced, innovative field. Many businesses, including pharmaceutical companies, invest heavily in research and development, which ensures job opportunities for qualified job candidates.


As the world population increases, emerging biotech methods are expected to gain importance. Biotechnicians in this industry create environmentally-sustainable farming practices and develop technology that keeps us safe from food-borne diseases. Careers in this industry include biofuel technician, food sample inspector, and greenhouse technician, among others.


The growing need for advanced drugs, vaccines, and gene therapies has created a variety of employment options in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology, with many careers offering generous wages. Graduates of biotechnology and related programs often land careers as lab technicians, chemists, and clinical research technicians.


When biotechnology joins forces with manufacturing, product development and production transform drastically. Skilled professionals are in-demand throughout this industry, paving the way for you to work in research, quality control, production or process development, just to name a few.

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