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FLCC Online

Looking for a convenient and flexible way to reach your educational goals? Online learning could be just what you are looking for. Whether it’s one class or an entire degree program, online learning lets you choose when, where and how you get your education. Students that are successful online learners possess motivation, discipline, time management skills, and are comfortable using a computer and the Internet.

Benefits to Taking Online Classes

  • Anytime, anywhere learning: Online access helps students overcome job, time, and geographic location obstacles.
  • Independence and flexibility: Some learners find that online learning meets their learning style better than face-to-face courses.
  • Dedicated, experienced instructors: Faculty that teach our online courses are often the same faculty you would get if you took a face-to-face course.
  • A proven solution: FLCC has been selected as one of the premiere online learning programs in New York State. As an OPEN SUNY Plus campus, our courses and degree programs have gone through a rigorous process of quality assurance.

Online Degree Programs:

FLCC has several fully accredited degree programs:
(most courses are regularly available)

The following degrees have been approved for development as online degree programs, and are now at least 50 percent online. Call (585)785-1303 for current status.

* These degrees may require courses through the OWL network or through other institutions. Some transfer institutions may require courses not offered online at FLCC. Contact Maureen Owens for more information.

There are many more online degree programs currently in development. Watch this space for details! Please note: There is an additional fee associated with online courses.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid courses offer the "best of both worlds" by combining face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning activities. In a typical hybrid course, students will attend class on campus for a limited amount of time during the semester and then complete additional coursework online through the campus course management system. Depending on the course, students may meet once a week or just a few times throughout the semester. Learn more about hybrid courses.

A.S. Business Administration Accelerated

If you've been thinking about starting or finishing a degree, you're probably also trying to figure out how to fit an education into your already busy life. With FLCC's innovative accelerated program in business administration, you'll take advantage of a schedule and course load that is designed for busy, motivated adults who are seeking to earn a versatile and in-demand college degree.

Read more about the A.S. business administration accelerated area of study.

Need Help?

Registering for Courses

Visit our register online help page or contact the FLCC One Stop Center at or (585)785-1000.

Course Access

If you need any assistance gaining access to your course(s), please contact the SUNY Learning Network help desk at or 1(800)875-6269. The help desk will provide support for online and face-to-face courses.

Office of Online Learning

We know there is more to being an online student than just coursework. Not sure where to call to get your questions answered? Call (585)785-1303 and FLCC’s Office of Online Learning will connect you with the information you need. From that number, you can connect with many offices across the college as well as the SLN help desk.