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Final Step

Complete your FLCC graduation requirements and complete the transfer process.

Must do:

File Graduation Application when pre-registering for your final semester of classes. Applications are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Follow up promptly with any requests for additional information from any of the colleges/universities to which you’ve applied.

Keep a file on each school with information on when you applied, copies of all applications and correspondence, and dates and names of individuals with whom you’ve had phone contact.

Send your admission deposit to reserve your place at the desired school, if requested.

Send a final official transcript and a financial aid transcript to the school you choose to attend.

Make sure your immunization information is updated and is on file at your new school before you register.

Optional/keep in mind:

Make an appointment in the Educational Planning and Career Services office if you need any help completing the transfer process.

It is acceptable to check on the status of your application if you haven’t heard from a college by mid-semester.

Go to your chosen school's orientation to meet others and to learn about the new campus.

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