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Transferring to 4-Year Schools

Transferring from one college to another involves much more than simply moving. It means researching colleges, planning courses, and completing paperwork. Most of all, it means making decisions about your life. For some students, this can be a stressful experience.

At FLCC, we realize this and are here to help. Our office maintains a comprehensive transfer library. Peterson's college guidebooks and college selection computer software help you identify the four-year institution that meets your major objectives.

Our brochure, Steps to a successful Transfer breaks down the decisions you need to make, and gives you timelines for when to finalize them by.

The type of school you choose depends on your personal needs, desires and career plans. Every college has different, specific course requirements. To make the most of your time at FLCC, check our Course Advisement Guides and work with your advisor to pick courses that will fulfill FLCC and four-year college requirements.

To help you learn more about different colleges, representatives from many four-year schools visit our campus each semester to answer any questions you may have about transferring. They are eager to speak with you!

If you are thinking about transferring to a SUNY school, be aware that every SUNY school requires each student to complete general education courses. Complete as many of the general education requirements as possible at FLCC. With the help of your advisor, follow the general education course requirements for transfer as explained on the General Education Course Requirements for Transfer Programs Web page or in the Finger Lakes Community College catalog.