Accelerated Option for LPNs

A special accelerated option of limited enrollment is offered to qualified licensed practical nurses. The nursing component of this program may be completed in two semesters and one summer session. Advanced placement is granted after knowledge and skills assessment of NUR 100 content. Students must enroll for a minimum of 32 credit hours, 17 of which must be in nursing, to attain an A.A.S. in nursing at Finger Lakes Community College. Interested persons should contact the Nursing Department directly for further information.

Through appropriate testing, LPNs may be granted advanced standing in the Finger Lakes Community College nursing program. This minimizes repetitive coursework for qualified students. Before admission to this sequence, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. High School Graduate or equivalency diploma, Math (Algebra required), high school Chemistry or college equivalent (CHM 092 at FLCC).
  2. General Education (FLCC courses or approved transfer credit:)
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 cr.)
    • Composition I (3 cr.)
    • Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)

Nursing Component

  • Current licensure as an LPN (copy of registration must be submitted*)
  • Fundamentals of Nursing 6 credits granted by successful completion of FLCC Challenge Exam (C+), Excelsior College Examination (a passing score of C or better as determined by Excelsior College is acceptable) or FLCC waiver*
  • Two letters of professional reference*
  • Transcript of LPN program*
  • Skill assessment - DSD, Gloving
  • Math assessment

To qualify for the A.A.S. degree under the Accelerated Option for LPNs, the nursing student must have enrolled and satisfactorily completed a minimum of 32 credit hours, 17 of which must be in nursing, and have met the minimum one-year residency requirement at Finger Lakes Community College. If all degree requirements are met, students qualify for December or March graduation. All Nursing Department and Admission Office policies apply to this option. Program enrollment is limited.

* Must be submitted to the Nursing Department by Oct. 1.

Recommended sequence:

Winter Session (1 Credit hour)

  • NUR 105 Nursing Process (1)

Spring Semester (18 Credit Hours)

  • NUR 101 Nursing Care of the Adult and Child I (8)
  • BIO 172 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
  • PSY 200 Life Span Development (3)
  • ENG 103 Composition II (3)

Summer Session I (4 Credit Hours)

  • NUR 204 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (4)

Summer Session II (4 Credit Hours)

  • Humanities Elective (3)
  • Health/Physical Education activity class (1)

Fall Semester (18 Credit Hours)

  • NUR 202 Nursing Care of the Adult and Child II (9)
  • NUR 215 Nursing Seminar (2)
  • BIO 230 Microbiology (4)
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Spring Semester (4 Credit Hours)

  • NUR 203 Maternal - Child Nursing* (4)

For more information, contact the Nursing Department at (585)785-1345.

Nursing courses or exams must be taken within two years of matriculation. View all required forms for the Accelerated Option for LPNs Adobe Acrobat, PDF.

* All approved nursing challenge exams must be completed by Sept. 1 of the sophomore year in the nursing program; otherwise, courses will have to be taken in the spring semester after successful completion of NUR 202.