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A.A.S. Natural Resources Conservation

Curriculum Requirements

As a student in this program, you are required to complete a minimum of 71 credit hours with a grade point average of not less than C (2.0). The Conservation Field Camp course (CON 190) is designed to provide one week of intense field experiences in conservation and recreation. The camp is held in May, immediately after the Spring Semester, and runs for one week. This course is required and should be taken as early as possible. For this degree program, you must successfully complete the following:


  • ENG 101 Composition I
  • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature

Social Science

  • 6 credit hours of Social Science Electives

Natural Science and Mathematics

  • BIO 121 General Biology I
  • BIO 122 General Biology II
  • BIO 221/CON 202 Principles of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology
  • BIO 250/CON 205 Field Botany
  • 3 credit hours of Mathematics Electives

Natural Resources Conservation

  • CON 100 Introduction to Environmental Conservation
  • CON 101 Principles of Soils, Waters, Forests
  • CON 102 Introduction to Fish and Wildlife
  • BIO/CON 103 Environmental Science
  • CON 190 Conservation Field Camp
  • CON 200 Field Experiences in Conservation I
  • CON 203 Seminar in Environmental Conservation
  • 12 credit hours of Conservation Electives

Health/Physical Education

  • 4 credit hours of Health/Physical Education (PE) Electives


  • The remainder of required hours must be made up of approved electives.