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FLCC Campus-Community Coalition

FLCC has established a strong working relationship with the community to promote a caring and civil atmosphere that benefits all. As part of this effort, the FLCC Campus-Community Coalition was formed in September of 2002.

The Coalition is comprised of student leaders, professional staff and faculty from FLCC, law enforcement representatives, community leaders, landlords, medical and health professionals, and a representative from the New York State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Coalition Strategies

Several Coalition sub-committees are working on strategies which have proven effective in reducing risk factors for substance use, violence and school drop-out. These strategies include:

  • Correcting misperceptions and challenging myths regarding student substance use.
  • Increasing awareness of the risks associated with providing alcohol to minors.
  • Supporting responsible beverage server training and retail alcohol sales compliance in the community.
  • Increasing awareness of actual student support for enforcing disciplinary actions associated with alcohol and substance use violations of the Student Code of Conduct Policy.

What can I do to help?

Coalition members participate in developing and implementing the above strategies at meetings which are held the third Tuesday of each month, from September until May.

How do student volunteers benefit from joining the Coalition?

Typically, students volunteer to be part of a campus and community effort toward alcohol, drug and violence prevention. We truly value our volunteers. In return for your efforts, you will not only receive the gratification of a job well done, you will also be offered the following:

  • Letters of reference from key campus officials, community agencies and business or law enforcement representatives.
  • A co-curricular transcript to identify skills and competencies to future employers. Visit www.flcc.edu/studentlife for more details.
  • Opportunities to complete a service learning course or community service course requirement.

What now?

For more information about the Coalition, please contact Student Health Services at (585)785-1297.