Behavior Support/Crisis Prevention

Have you ever wondered why children/youth do the things that they do? Why they make the same choices over and over again—those choices that only hurt themselves? Have you found that you end up spending most of your time with only a few of your students... and seem to get nowhere?

Program Areas

Deep Brain Learning, Response Ability Pathways, and Life Space Crisis Intervention are perfect for teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, psychologists, residential staff, and any and all other professionals who have regular encounters with children, youth, and young adults.

Each of these programs is highly interactive using lecture, video, role play, skill demonstration and assigned reading. Participants will leave with a renewed energy, insight and understanding, and practical and realistic tools and techniques for immediate use.

Deep Brain Learning

“Without understanding the basic principles of how the brain develops and changes, we can not expect to design and implement effective interventions.”

Bruce Perry, MD.

Deep Brain Learning reviews the most recent brain research and resilience science to create environments where all children flourish.

Response Ability Pathways

Response Ability Pathways teaches essential strength-based strategies for all who work with young persons in family, school, or community. An extension of Deep Brain Learning, RAP methods are grounded in research evidence on resilience, brain science, and positive psychology. This program offers practical methods providing positive behavior support and creating climates of respect.

Life Space Crisis Intervention

Building on Deep Brain Learning and Response Ability Pathways, Life Space Crisis Intervention teaches professionals therapeutic talking strategies that have been proven to help youth become aware of, understand, and even manage their own feelings and behaviors. This powerful program integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral and pro-social theories into dynamic and comprehensive strategy rooted in personal insights, behavioral changes and natural consequences.


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