Adjustments to Financial Aid Awards

A student’s financial aid awards may be reduced or rescinded if the student changes enrollment status, receives more than the annual loan limits, withdraws during the semester, takes courses outside their degree program, never attends classes, is not in good academic standing, or repeats a passed course more than one time.


If a student withdraws from all courses, officially or unofficially, their financial aid awards may have to be readjusted. Complete withdrawals are subject to federal, state, and institutional refund policies.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Dropped courses may affect your future aid eligibility. Always check with the One Stop Center before dropping a course.

Enrollment Requirements for Different Aid Programs

  • Federal Pell Grants: Full-time (Awards will be prorated based on part-time attendance as follows: ¾ time, ½ time and less than ½ time.)
  • Federal SEOG: 3 credits or more
  • Federal Stafford Loans: 6 credits or more
  • Federal Work Study: 6 credits or more
  • NYS TAP: 12 credits or more

Enrollment Status Definitions

  • Full-time enrollment: 12 credits per semester
  • Three-quarter time enrollment: 9-11 credits per semester
  • Half-time enrollment: 6-8 credits per semester
  • Less than half-time enrollment: 1-5 credits per semester