Muller Field Station

Mission & Vision


Foster education and research that promotes understanding and appreciation of environmental issues and the unique natural resources of the Finger Lakes region.


Provide the highest quality education and experiences possible.

The Muller Field Station, through its research programs and activities, is guided by these sustaining principles:

  • Apply sustainable management practices to its land, facilities and programs.
  • Participate in local, regional, national and international partnerships and networks whenever possible.
  • Pursue and maintain programs of the highest quality, that are successfully peer-reviewed and from which the knowledge gained is as accurate and informative as possible.
  • Strive for national prominence as a field station for two-year institutions.
  • Sponsor programs that are creative, interactive, interdisciplinary and forward-looking.
  • Study human relationships to the landscape, keeping in mind the human dimension.
  • Recognize that heritage and legacy are important components of the Finger Lakes region.
  • Assess learning outcomes, such as the degree of environmental awareness.
  • Remain free of political influence.