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Study session in the Incubator

Exploring the world of science is both fun and challenging. Whether you are earning a science degree or taking just one science class, The Incubator is designed to help you increase your grade.

The Incubator is open to all science students, so you're welcome whether you're a straight A student or are working hard to raise your grade. The Incubator is designed to enhance your studies in biology, chemistry and physics. This unique learning center allows you to connect with professional tutors, faculty, staff, and other science students.

If you are a science student searching for a "go to" place on-campus, The Incubator is tailored for you! It provides comfortable seating and plenty of science equipment that is often required to work outside of the lab. Professional tutoring is available daily. You can make an appointment with a tutor in advance or just stop by for assistance.


Room: 3670 (Science Wing)
Canandaigua Campus
3325 Marvin Sands Drive
Canandaigua, N.Y. 14424


Angela Dutcher
Science Incubator Tutor
Phone: (585)785-1817
Melissa Miller
Professor, Physical Education & Integrated Health Care, Science/Technology
Phone: (585)785-1639


Mon.–Thu.: 7:30am-7:30pm
Fri: 7:30am-3pm