Honors Studies at FLCC


The Honors Studies program at Finger Lakes Community College has a threefold mission. First and foremost, it seeks to cultivate outstanding students by enriching the instructional and co-curricular careers of students of exceptional promise and motivation. Secondly, it offers innovative faculty members opportunities for enriched instructional experiences. Finally, it seeks to enhance the educational profile of FLCC as a whole.


In its aim to contribute to each student’s intellectual, emotional, moral, and social growth, Honors Studies offers a variety of transformative learning opportunities aimed at preparing students to engage effectively in a complex and rapidly changing world.  Through small, seminar classes and ‘active learning’ pedagogy, the Honors classroom experience strives to engage students in cross-disciplinary, holistic inquiry that promotes and practices critical thinking, creative expression, and mindful action. In addition to the classroom experience, Honors Studies offers students co-curricular opportunities such as speaker forums, travel, cultural events, and a writer’s retreat.

In its aim to challenge and inspire motivated faculty, Honors Studies serves as a teaching laboratory -- to experiment with new curriculum, pedagogies and assessment techniques. Faculty teaching honors courses are encouraged to experiment in the classroom – to try methods for which they could previously find no suitable outlet. With its emphasis on interdisciplinary, holistic learning, Honors Studies encourages faculty from separate disciplines to collaborate and team-teach seminar courses. Additionally, in collaboration with the college’s Teaching Center and Writing Center, Honors Studies offers faculty professional development opportunities in active learning and writing-to-learn pedagogies.

In its aim to enhance the educational profile of the college as a whole, Honors Studies provides standards and models of excellence for students and faculty across the campus. Honors curriculum and classroom practices serve as prototypes for educational practices that, in the future, can work productively campus-wide. Furthermore, Honors Studies offers a range of scholarly, cultural, and artistic events of interest to the broader community.

Contact Us

Dr. Trista Merrill
Director of Honors Studies
Phone: (585)785-1357
Email: honorsstudies@flcc.edu