The Honors House

FLCC faculty member Trista Merrill addressing a group of people from a podium in a classroom

The Honors House is truly a "home away from home" for many students. Stop by and experience this unique social and academic environment!

About the Honors House

Located across the street from FLCC's Main Campus, the Honors House is a favorite spot for many students. Even though many students take Honors classes at other locations, they still spend their free time at the Honors House with other like-minded learners.

The house features a comfortable lounge that is ideal for socializing, reading, working on art, or just relaxing between classes. Six classrooms between two floors house various Honors classes, as well as events. These flexible classrooms are most commonly arranged in roundtable formats, facilitating conversations instead of lectures.

When you visit the Honors House during a class that is in session, you're likely to find a group of scholars engaged in an active discussion, where the instructor is sitting among the students, and everyone is learning and exploring together.